The Libertines

Bound Together is the definitive story of The Libertines, from the writer and photographer who know them best.

Anthony Thornton is the only journalist to have interviewed the band at every critical stage and witnessed every major gig. Roger Sargent was their photographer of choice; responsible for the iconic second album photograph and artwork. more..

5 Different Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is known for being almost impossible to win. If you’ve played it before, regardless of how much of a pro you are, you know that this game is difficult to master. Online casino games are fun to play but there are certain rules, especially in blackjack that...

Basic How-To’s of Skin Care

Basic skin care is becoming a fading thing among people nowadays. With the existence of high-end skin care products, lotions and cosmetics all around the world and with the easy access of getting it at almost any mall or boutique, we forget that skin care doesn’t only...

Best Stylish Headphones

Now considered as a travel necessity, headphones need to be super cool and fitted to your outfit. Most especially, it should guarantee you an entertaining high-quality sound. Wouldn't it be nice to hear your favorite song right from your well-chosen headphones?...
5 Different Blackjack Strategies

5 Different Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is known for being almost impossible to win. If you’ve played it before, regardless of how much of a pro you are, you know that this game is difficult to master. Online casino games are fun to play but there are certain rules, especially in blackjack that you should know. All the rules, hand signals, etc. can be incredibly confusing to learn at first. Once you do master the rules, what to say & what not to say to the Dealer, etc. you have to master how to play the game itself. Every professional blackjack player knows that you cannot play this game without having a solid strategy in hand. This article will highlight a few of them.

  1. Learn the game’s most basic strategy

Many games in a casino operate on chance. Blackjack is not one of them. For slot games, you don’t need to know much about the game- it’s simply spins and go. If you expect to win at blackjack, you will need to brush up on the game and study techniques to help you win. Make sure you understand how the game works, practice, practice and more practice. If you go in blind, expect to lose a lot of money and also you’ll end up wasting a lot of people’s time.

  1. Find a friendly dealer

Your goal when going to a casino is to have fun so why would you choose a table with a grumpy dealer? Find a table where the dealer looks lively as this will improve your odds of winning tremendously. Firstly, the positive environment will fuel you and impact the way you play.

If you love your experience at a particular table, be sure to tip the dealer as a sign of your appreciation.

  1. friendly dealerTake advantages of casino perks (in moderation)

Casinos do their best to lure you in with free alcohol, food and other amenities. Take advantage of this. As you continue to play, you’ll enjoy freebies like coupons, meals, etc. Don’t drink too much as this will impair your judgement and you will suffer heavily for it.

  1. Know your limits

Remember what’s at stake here- your money. Plan your budget accordingly and set a limit you are comfortable with. It is up to you to avoid going over that limit or even anywhere close to it.


Avoid the temptation to chase losses with higher bets. You’ll do yourself good if you can avoid the following;

-Taking insurance (unless you are playing with others and don’t see any 10s on the layout)

-Surrendering (except when you have a 15 against a 10 or if you have a 16 against a 9, A or 10)

  1. Read the limit sign

So many players will sit at a table without knowing what the limit or even what game they’re playing. This doesn’t have to be you. Scope out a table before sitting down to make sure you are actually at a blackjack table. You also want to make sure you understand any special table rules.

Learn the first two cards you can double down on, which you split and how many times you’re allowed to do that. Also ask whether you can surrender and at what point to do so.

Blackjack won’t be regarded as impossible to win if you take your time with it. Several players are certified blackjack gurus and you can be one too. Employ these tactics the next time you want your blackjack game to level up.


The Physical Signs That Tell You Need Sleep

The Physical Signs That Tell You Need Sleep

The Physical Signs That Tell You Need Sleep

In our world today that’s filled with work and entertainment, a lot of people find themselves saving time by cutting back on the few hours that we should allot for our sleep. While it may be okay to cut back a few hours of sleep, consecutive days on cutting back sleep can pile up and have significant harmful effects on the body. After going many days with not enough sleep, our minds begin to think haphazardly, our concentration starts to lose its sharpness, our mood changes unexpectedly and sometimes, hallucinating about things, either visually or auditory in nature. These are signs of sleep deprivation.

There are a lot of signs and symptoms that indicate the lack of sleep. They vary from physical signs and symptoms up to emotional and mental changes. Sleep deprivation can be the potential source of relationship problems, career obstacles and even accidents. What are these signs and symptoms?

More Sensitive to Stress

Stress is a common occurrence in our daily lives. But when we lack sleep, our threshold or the capacity to deal with stress, significantly decreases which leads to stress affecting us in a negative way. Commonly easy tasks become a bother and give additional stress. For example, picking up groceries on your way home wasn’t a big deal before but if you lack sleep, it becomes a bother which frustrates us to no end.

It should also be remembered that though sleep deprivation can worsen the effects of stress, stress can also be the cause of not getting enough sleep. A number of studies have shown that stress hormones have a stimulating effect which makes us stay awake through increased responsiveness. Research suggests that people who handle stress well can sleep even during difficult times while those who tend to lose sleep in response to stress are more focused on their emotions instead of the task at hand.

Increased Appetite

For a lot of people, controlling how much they eat is a difficult task. However, when you lack sleep, your brain will start to increase its demands by increasing your appetite. This leads to cravings and hunger which signal the brain’s need for more calories so that it can still continue functioning.

For a person who usually has a healthy and well balanced diet, lack of sleep can have an impact. The longer that you are awake, the more your body keeps consuming calories so that it fuels the several bodily processes like digestion, metabolism and other important functions. However, sleep deprivation also makes you hungry and famished. The hormones affecting satiety or a sense of fullness are lesser in amount for people who lack sleep while the hormones that signal hunger are greater.

The brain utilizes a compound called glucose as fuel. It comes from the carbohydrates or sugar that we metabolize. But when you’re lacking sleep, your body metabolizes sugar at a slower rate – this results in more craving for sweet or salty food on top of starches like bread and grains. Lack of sleep also leads to unhealthy weight gain, especially in increasing the risk for obesity.

Vision Changes

The eyes are constantly working throughout the day when we’re awake. That’s why sleep is very important for the eyes as it provides the only way for our eyes to rest and relieve all the strain it has incurred. If you lack sleep, there will be certain changes in your vision. These vision changes may lead to accidents, injury, car crashes, falls or other similar events. It’s a common occurrence when we’re lacking in sleep, our vision gets all blurry or messy.

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In severe cases of sleep deprivation, our vision is distorted and can lead to visual hallucinations that can be dangerous. You may start to notice movements in the corner of your eyes but you can’t explain what these movements are. This is because the eyes are too strained to capture and process what the totality of these images and movements are, giving us only vague shadows or movements.

Studies have shown that these hallucinations can happen because of the overworking of neurons. If we lack sleep, the neurons are deprived of their rest and they decline in their functions like perceiving the things around you. As they become weaker and slower, they take shortcuts in interpreting data that your brain should be making. So instead of seeing a passing butterfly or a bird, you get a vague figure or shadow in your line of sight.

Slowed Motor and Sensory Processes

Lack of sleep slows down the optimal function of our brain. This leads to lesser brain capacity to operate and work with things around us. Our brain is divided into two different main functions – motor and sensory activities. When we lack sleep, our motor processes slow down. For example, you may not communicate or speak correctly or maybe even you go silent when you lack sleep. Those who are sleep deprived also have difficulty in processing auditory stimuli, leading to misheard words or sentences. Not getting enough sleep is also attributed to slower reaction time and studies have shown that sleep deprivation first affects sleep before the accuracy of a movement.

Health Problems

If you continue lagging behind sleep, you may notice that your health may not be at its best the longer you try to stay awake. Lack of sleep is often attributed to the development of a number of health conditions. For example, those with diabetes who continue having lack of sleep prove to have lesser sensitivity to insulin as the body is slowly decreasing its function when it comes to metabolizing sugars. When this occurs, diabetics find themselves in a pinch as they have trouble in keeping their blood sugar levels at a normal range.
Lack of sleep is also a contributing factor to developing an increased blood pressure, decreased body temperature and an abnormal heart rhythm. This leads to a number of cardiovascular conditions like stroke, heart failure, hypertension and coronary artery disease to name a few. Sleep deprivation also weakens the immune system, making us prone to diseases. Our white blood cells are responsible for our defense against bacteria and when you lack sleep, they become weak as well.  click here for more…

Basic How-To’s of Skin Care

Basic How-To’s of Skin Care

Basic skin care is becoming a fading thing among people nowadays. With the existence of high-end skin care products, lotions and cosmetics all around the world and with the easy access of getting it at almost any mall or boutique, we forget that skin care doesn’t only come from the use of cosmetics. Proper skin care comes from patience, perseverance and hard work that you invest to protect your skin and return it to its natural, younger state.

Together with Stages of Beauty products, you should take care of your skin the natural way. Here are just some of the things that you can do to help your skin get back its natural and healthy glow and also maintain its younger and stronger condition.


Sleep – Adequate sleep is a must if you want to hae a healthy-looking skin. Lack of sleep causes your whole body to be exhausted. Getting enough sleep allows your body to rest, along with your skin. During this time, the body undergoes a repair process and readies itself for the next day. Make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep a day and avoid staying up too late.

Water – Always keep yourself hydrated. The skin needs the adequate amount of water to keep itself strong and elastic. You should drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially during the summer season since you expend more water by sweating. The recommended intake is usually eight glasses of water per day but this isn’t the same for most people. Drink about as much as a liter of water per day, mixing in juices and fruits as well in between.

Diet – Eating right has its perks. A healthy diet would also mean healthy skin. Avoid foods that are rich in fat and drinks that contain caffeine. Fatty foods would mean that fat would accumulate in the skin, taking its toll on both your weight and your skin. More fat in the diet would mean the more oil the skin produces, leading to more acne and blemishes, especially on the face. Together with Stages of Beauty products, you can keep your skin healthy alongside the right diet.

Sugar – If you have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, you better make sure to control it if you want to have healthy skin. Ingesting too much sugar has its bad effects on the skin. But in case that you do have too much sugar, be sure to drink plenty of water to wash away the excess sugar from your body. Click here for more..

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