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The Libertines

Bound Together is the definitive story of The Libertines, from the writer and photographer who know them best.

Anthony Thornton is the only journalist to have interviewed the band at every critical stage and witnessed every major gig. Roger Sargent was their photographer of choice; responsible for the iconic second album photograph and artwork. more..

The Libertines inspired more literary fervour than any band of recent memory and, to celebrate that, we are collecting your best memories of Peter, Carl, Gary and John.

We’d like you to write 180 words about what The Libertines mean to you. It can be the first time you heard them, the first time you heard about them, the best performance you saw or heard or even about a time you met The Libertines, Babyshambles, Yeti or Dirty Pretty Things

Anthony and Roger will pick the best and publish them on this website where you can vote for the best.

The best 10 as voted by you will win a copy of The Libertines: Bound Together, signed by the authors.

Here’s an example of some of the best

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