Blackjack is known for being almost impossible to win. If you’ve played it before, regardless of how much of a pro you are, you know that this game is difficult to master. Online casino games are fun to play but there are certain rules, especially in blackjack that you should know. All the rules, hand signals, etc. can be incredibly confusing to learn at first. Once you do master the rules, what to say & what not to say to the Dealer, etc. you have to master how to play the game itself. Every professional blackjack player knows that you cannot play this game without having a solid strategy in hand. This article will highlight a few of them.

  1. Learn the game’s most basic strategy

Many games in a casino operate on chance. Blackjack is not one of them. For slot games, you don’t need to know much about the game- it’s simply spins and go. If you expect to win at blackjack, you will need to brush up on the game and study techniques to help you win. Make sure you understand how the game works, practice, practice and more practice. If you go in blind, expect to lose a lot of money and also you’ll end up wasting a lot of people’s time.

  1. Find a friendly dealer

Your goal when going to a casino is to have fun so why would you choose a table with a grumpy dealer? Find a table where the dealer looks lively as this will improve your odds of winning tremendously. Firstly, the positive environment will fuel you and impact the way you play.

If you love your experience at a particular table, be sure to tip the dealer as a sign of your appreciation.

  1. friendly dealerTake advantages of casino perks (in moderation)

Casinos do their best to lure you in with free alcohol, food and other amenities. Take advantage of this. As you continue to play, you’ll enjoy freebies like coupons, meals, etc. Don’t drink too much as this will impair your judgement and you will suffer heavily for it.

  1. Know your limits

Remember what’s at stake here- your money. Plan your budget accordingly and set a limit you are comfortable with. It is up to you to avoid going over that limit or even anywhere close to it.


Avoid the temptation to chase losses with higher bets. You’ll do yourself good if you can avoid the following;

-Taking insurance (unless you are playing with others and don’t see any 10s on the layout)

-Surrendering (except when you have a 15 against a 10 or if you have a 16 against a 9, A or 10)

  1. Read the limit sign

So many players will sit at a table without knowing what the limit or even what game they’re playing. This doesn’t have to be you. Scope out a table before sitting down to make sure you are actually at a blackjack table. You also want to make sure you understand any special table rules.

Learn the first two cards you can double down on, which you split and how many times you’re allowed to do that. Also ask whether you can surrender and at what point to do so.

Blackjack won’t be regarded as impossible to win if you take your time with it. Several players are certified blackjack gurus and you can be one too. Employ these tactics the next time you want your blackjack game to level up.